Cleo is a new restaurant concept from major restaurant and hotel chain, SBE The restaurant arm of SBE, Disruptive Restaurant Group, led by Daniel del Olmo, is poised to open 19 restaurants and seven lounges in the next six months. Del Olmo sat down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles at the grand opening of Cleo Third Street, the third location in Los Angeles. He talks about how Cleo is set up in one of the trendiest areas of Los Angeles, and that is the goal for SBE as it continues to open new restaurants and lounges all over the world. Additional Cleo locations include: Las Vegas and South Beach with new locations set to open in The Bahamas and New York. Named after the Egyptian queen, Cleo showcases a modern twist on eastern and southern Mediterranean cuisine, helmed by Chef Danny Elmaleh.

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