Digital innovation is progressing at a rapid clip, and finance companies are placing a strong emphasis on integrating technology into their products and services. Alice Milligan, Chief Customer and Digital Experience Officer at Citi, joined us to discuss how Citi is keeping up with the fast pace of digital innovation. In 2017, Citi launched more than 800 digital features. Milligan said all the innovations were based on making sure users get the best experience. Milligan shared how Citi adjusts its strategy to appeal to the young people leading the way in the adoption of mobile banking. Citi has been in the financial world for 200+ years. Legacy companies are now facing competition from start-ups looking to disrupt the industry. Citi launched a marketing campaign to help transition into the new era of finance. She said banking is at the heart of the American dream, and Citi is trying to shape the brand around this idea.

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