Cheddar's CannaBiz explores the latest trends, politics, and market opportunity in this space. Cheddar Anchor's Brad Smith, Hope King and Alyssa Julya Smith speak with legislators and start-up founders in this emerging market. Berkeley is the first city in the nation to become a sanctuary city for cannabis. Through a city council vote in February the group unanimously voted to prohibit any city agencies to use its resources to assist in enforcing federal marijuana laws. Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín explains how this legislation is impacting his city. "The state of California is actually looking at potentially becoming a sanctuary state for cannabis," says Arreguín. "I think its important that cities and states take a strong stand for states rights." Recreational marijuana was legalized for adult use in California this past fall. Berkeley's conservative prediction for marijuana sales tax revenue to come in at about $3 Million. Medmen is on the forefront of cannabis cultivation and uses all the latest technology to ensure the marijuana plans are up to the highest standard. Alyssa Julya Smith visits an LA grow facility where MedMen's VP of Corporate Communications Daniel Yi explains how the process works. Marijuana businesses have undergone quite a makeover as more states adopt laws to allow medicinal and recreational use. Support to legalize marijuana is at record highs with 64 percent of Americans in support of legalization according to a Gallup poll. Cannabrand's Founder and CEO Olivia Mannix explains how the perception of this market has evolved. "It's really amazing to see how far the industry has come, how many businesses there are, and how much revenue the industry has generated. It's incredible," says Mannix. Cannabrand launched back in January 2014 when adult recreational use for marijuana became legal in Denver, Colorado.

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