Before you give the gift of marijuana this holiday season, you may want to think about how to navigate the cannabis conversation — for gift recipients as well as hosts.

Lizzie Post, author of Higher Etiquette and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post who literally wrote the book on proper etiquette, told Cheddar, "One of the things we really want to take into consideration is not just what our views are, and how comfortable and out with our cannabis consumption we are, but how does this other person that we're giving to feel about it?"

Before you wrap up a gift with CBD or marijuana products, Post recommended thinking about the context in which it will be unwrapped, pointing out that sometimes families may not know someone consumes. "Is this something they shared with their families? Is it something you should give to them privately?"

It's not just cannabis gift-giving that people should think about this time of year. With so many people traveling to spend time with family and friends, Post says it's also important to consider how a host will feel about cannabis use.

"It's okay for you to ask about [your host's] preferences, especially when you're living in a legalized state," she said. "There's nothing wrong with saying 'Aunt June is it okay for me to bring a joint to smoke before or after a meal?'"

As for hosts who don't want guests to light up, Post said the best way to get to let visitors know is with "kind honesty, instead of judgmental honesty."

She said opinions on marijuana legalization, unlike politics, should be fair game for holiday conversation.

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