General Motors is electrifying its vehicle arsenal. Last week Cadillac unveiled the Lyriq, the brand's first all-electric vehicle, a luxury option that will feature zero-tailpipe-emissions and is expected to hit the market in 2022. 

Melissa Grady, chief marketing officer for Cadillac, says that the iconic brand is redefining everything as it drives into the world of electric vehicles.

"We are looking at, from shopping all the way through buying: how do we make this experience exactly what customers want it to be? From things like immersive technologies with your shopping through to the in-vehicle experience, which is incredible, down to ownership and how do we make sure that we relieve pain points like range anxiety, redefining our already pretty amazing mobile app."

Although Cadillac is redefining itself, the company is still relying on its existing customer base to push the Lyriq and future electric vehicles past the likes of EV stalwart Tesla.

"We see Cadillac owners today who are looking for a great EV vehicle but want to stay loyal to Cadillac. We've done a lot of customer research. We see a lot of people who are just waiting for that EV experience to be what they've been waiting for," Grady said.

The chief marketing officer also pointed to industry trends, adding, "The EV market is just expanding, and we see that with where sales are today. And as you look towards the future, that's going to continue to expand. As that expands, there's a lot more opportunity."

But is Cadillac, founded in 1902, really switching gears and revving up to primarily focus on electric vehicles? Grady's answer leaves no doubt. 

"Yes. The future's all-electric for us."

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