Brooklyn Decker, co-founder of digital wardrobe company Finery, wants to cut the time women spend thinking about what they’re going to wear, and they’re using artificial intelligence to do it. “People are always collecting data on you, sites are always collecting data on you. This data should be working for you,” Decker told Cheddar in an interview at SXSW in Austin, Tex. “It’s your data. It’s your spend.” Silicon Valley, for one, is betting on Finery’s technological approach to fashion. The company secured $5 million in seed funding this January. The platform uses subscriber emails to collect information on online purchases to create a virtual closet and offer style recommendations. Decker said Finery will launch a redesigned iOS app that will automate the process of styling users in May. Critics may argue that this kind of machine learning could ultimately put human stylists out of jobs. But Decker, a former model who serves as the company’s chief design officer, said it actually makes their product stronger. “If anything, I think they can really help each other, complement each other, A.I., machine learning, and human styling,” she said. “How much better can a stylist be if she had access to your entire wardrobe? And that’s what, at Finery, we’re able to do.” For the full interview, [click here](

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