When it comes to retail, brands and companies are constantly searching for a competitive edge. Perch Interactive claims to have a solution. The tech company uses augmented reality to spruce up the in-store shopping experience. Expectations of the store experience have changed. Bridging the gap between the digital and physical space is more important than ever says Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive. One of the things that Perch focuses on is making the augmented reality experience as natural and seamless as possible. Perch has created a way to bring augmented reality into a store without putting the burden on the consumers. Sumner says shop-able screens are the number one investment for the augmented reality shopping experience right now. Sumner argues we are not seeing the death of retail, but he does admit that the current retail experience does suck. That is why Perch Interactive is innovating and bringing high tech to traditional retail.

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