BMW just embarked on the ambitious goal of making the world’s fastest racing drones, inking a development deal with the Drone Racing League. According to the league’s CEO, the partnership will boost the German automaker’s reach among millennials. “We’re attracting a young, excited audience that’s interested in things like technology, video games, drones,” Nicholas Horbaczewski told Cheddar. “So [for brands like BMW] it’s a way to reach those consumers. In the past two years we’ve had over 55 million TV viewers.” And the DRL is not just about the excitement of the sport, it’s also about the technology. Last year members hand-built a drone with a speed of 162 miles per hour, a record it hopes to break with the help of BMW. “All the technology that’s used in the league is developed by DRL,” Horbaczewski said. “We design the drones in-house, we design the radio communication equipment in-house … It’s truly a technology innovation company.” The BMW deal wouldn’t be DRL’s first, though. The league has also partnered with companies such as Swatch, Cox Communications, and insurance firm Allianz. For the full interview, [click here](

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