Blue Apron reported a smaller drop in revenue than expected for the fourth quarter on Tuesday. Tonya Garcia, Retail Reporter at MarketWatch and Jason Moser, Analyst at The Motley Fool, join The Long and The Short to discuss where the meal kit delivery company goes from here. The main focus on Blue Apron has been its customer growth. This quarter it reported a loss of 15% year-over-year in customers, reflecting a cut in marketing spend. Moser says the company's biggest issue is building up that loyal customer base with the little amount of money it has for marketing. It won't make investors feel at ease until they see some solid growth in the user category. Plus, what sets Blue Apron apart from the others? Garcia says in this type of competitive industry each company needs to have that one thing others don't. Right now, she's not seeing anything unique about Blue Apron. She's hoping if it ramps up market spending it can figure out that key piece to the puzzle.

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