"Black Panther's" second weekend in theaters proved its box-office success isn't slowing down anytime soon. MovieWeb's Ryan J. Downey joins Cheddar to discuss just how much money the mega hit will make before it's all said and done. He says the blockbuster's strong second week comes from ticket sales to repeat viewers. The film posted the second-largest non-opening weekend ever. Downey says it's fair to assume "Black Panther" will wind up joining Hollywood's elusive billion-dollar box-office club. He also reveals how Disney used the film as inspiration to make a donation in support of STEM education. Marvel has another major release up its sleeve for later this year. "Avengers: Infinity War" is due out this May and will see T'Challah will return to join up with the rest of the MCU superheroes. Downey considers whether we might be in store for a letdown after the massive success of "Black Panther."

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