It has been a harrowing week for the friends, family, and fans of the Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin after his terrifying on-field collapse on Monday. But the footballer continues to fight his way back and is now breathing on his own.

Doctors removed Hamlin's breathing tube overnight following earlier reports of progress indicating he seemed to be neurologically sound after having to be resuscitated twice.

Since having the tube removed, Hamlin has spoken with family members and even attended a team meeting, according to a Bills tweet, via FaceTime where he told his fellow players, "Love you boys."

On Thursday, it was reported that one of his first questions after waking up was who won the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and his Buffalo Bills. While doctors had replied that he "won the game of life," the NFL made the official decision to not resume the game and ultimately canceled it.

The cancellation has some potential ramifications on the NFL playoffs. While the move won't impact either the Bills or Bengals postseason chances, the AFC Championship game will be played at a neutral site "If the participating teams played an unequal number of games and both could have been the number one seed and hosted the game had all AFC clubs played a full 17-game regular season," according to the league's statement.

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