American Kennel Club's Gina DiNardo and Royal Canin's Jason Taylor discuss the upcoming dog show that will air on New Year's Day on Animal Planet. A different breed has won in each of the last several years at the AKC show, and DiNardo weighs in on what the "It Factor" is, in order to win "Best in Show." She says that in addition to the physical tests in agility, obedience, and dock-diving, much of it comes down to the personal connection dogs are able to make with the judges. We talk why there is so much focus on purebred dogs in this competition, with DiNardo adding that pure breeds are typically more predictable in terms of their behavior. "You know what you're going to get" when it comes to certain tasks or environments. Taylor and DiNardo give us their advice on what kinds of dogs you can have in the city. Cheddar host Hope King notes her love of big dogs. DiNardo says having an active dog in the city is okay, if you can give it the exercise it needs.

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