As the sun get a bit more intense during the spring and summer months, the need for protective sunglasses increases. Cheddar News takes viewers on a journey to learn how they can discover which frames are the perfect fit. We also check out some of the latest trends that are cropping up on social media in and celebrity spaces.

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Buses of Migrants Seem to Use 'Loophole' to Avoid New NYC Rules
A New Jersey mayor says buses of migrants bound for New York City have been stopping at the train station in his town and others in an apparent effort to evade an executive order by New York's mayor trying to regulate how and when migrants can be dropped off in the city.
World Population Reached 8 Billion People on Jan. 1
The world population grew by 75 million people over the past year and on New Year's Day, it was estimated to stand at more than 8 billion people, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday.
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