*By Chloe Aiello* The fifth and final season of the dark romantic comedy "You're the Worst" debuted on Jan. 9, and star Aya Cash couldn't be more upset about it. "Just bitter, no sweet," Cash told Cheddar Thursday. "What's sweet about it? I'm like, 'I lost my job, I loved that job, all my friends.' Just sad, just crying alone in my apartment." "You're the Worst" is a modern love story about a young couple played by Cash and Chris Geere, who navigate life, "adulting," and dysfunctional love in Los Angeles. At the end of season four, the pair were planning a wedding."You'll see that, nothing goes right," Cash said of the ongoing season. "They're deciding to do this thing which is very much traditional ... getting married. It's about growing up, and all of the other characters are sort of going through that as well," Cash said. "Everybody's grown, but we are who we are, we all fall back into old patterns so you will see that, too." She also said the final season will feature the return of many recurring characters, and will contain less graphic sex and more plot. She wouldn't reveal too much about the show's finale, but did say "people will be very satisfied with how it ends." "Our theme song is 'I'm going to leave you anyway,'" Cash hinted. "When I read \[the ending\], I was like, 'oh yea that's right, that's a way to handle both audience expectation and desire to see them together and also the reality of who these people are.'" The show debuted on FX in 2014 and seasons one through four are now streaming on Hulu ー which means there's plenty of time to binge and catch-up before the end of season five. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/actress-aya-cash-on-the-final-season-of-youre-the-worst).

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