*By Britt Terrell* As we become more aware of the potential health hazards of spending too much time glued to screens, company's like Apple and Google are helping users combat digital dependency. And one of the world's most prominent voices in digital media has a few suggestions on how consumers can fight their own tech addiction. Arianna Huffington, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, has partnered with the biotech company Shire to raise awareness about the potential dangers of screens and how users can protect their eyes "There is a lot we can do," Huffington said Wednesday in an interview with Cheddar. "For example, if you have dry eyes, blink more or take breaks every 20 minutes." She also advised people who have jobs that keep them in front of a computer most of the day to get moving. "Take walking meetings, the weather is now great, get out and walk rather than doing meetings at home and multitasking," Huffington said. Thrive Global is working with companies such as Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, and Hilton Hotels, which are trying to change workplace behavior and "actually helping their employees set more boundaries." Huffington said Thrive Global helps employers set expectations for their workers when it comes to the amount of time they are spending on their phones, which affects productivity and mental health. Americans are never going to fully give up their screens, Huffington said, so setting boundaries is important. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/arianna-huffington-talks-tackling-tech-addiction).

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