Amaryllis Fox is a former CIA Clandestine Service Officer who has now dedicated her life to peacemaking and using her skills to help build projects in support of international development and sustainable peace around the world. Fox sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith to discuss her work and the need for women in international leadership roles. Fox discusses what it was like as a clandestine service officer with the CIA and her work on covert missions trying to uncover and create relationships to prevent deadly attacks. She explains that since leaving the CIA, she has been vocal about the need for women in leadership roles on a global level since women have very nuanced skills to help with peacemaking. She explains that from experience it has been shown the peace that comes out of negotiations run by women actually lasts longer and gives the examples of Rwanda. She explains that Rwanda has women in leadership roles and that has played a large part in maintaining peace there for 20 years since the genocide killed 1 in 10 people in the country. Fox finally discusses the need for women to embrace and use their female superpowers that are different than men and she explains that both genders and important and play very different, but vital roles in all areas and aspects of life.

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