At least 8 million tons of plastics enter the ocean each year, and researchers predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. To put a stop to the pollution, companies and consumers are banding together. Adrian Grenier, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Lonely Whale Foundation, an organization trying to battle plastic waste entering the ocean joined us to discuss. Grenier shares how Lonely Whale is campaigning to reduce the flood of plastic leaking into our oceans. The "Entourage" star's organization teamed up with Dell to convene a cross-industry working group made up of global companies in order to tackle the pollution problem. In 2016, Dell reached its 2020 goal of recycling 50 million pounds of recycled materials into its product. Grenier says the key to solving the problem is infrastructure. Over 80% of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources, according to a report from McKinsey. He says we must figure out a way to bring the plastic back into the supply chain so companies can find uses for it.

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