Adam Grant from the Wharton School of Business is an award winning author and psychologist. He sat down with Kristen Scholer at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Summit to discuss lessons on leadership. One of the mistakes is that they say they look for culture fit. he said culture fit can actually destroy a company. Grant said this is because it ends up weeding diversity of thought and you fall into “group think.” Grant said that putting people into rooms alone to brainstorm is more effective than group brainstorming sessions. He said this is because extroverts dominate the conversation and once the most powerful person gets excited about the idea, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Grant has a podcast coming out at the end of February called WorkLife. He says people spend about a quarter of their life at work. He adds that it turns out your co-workers know you better than you know yourself.

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