Donald Faison isn't an actor, but he used to play one on TV. The former "Scrubs" star joins Cheddar to discuss how he and other famous TV doctors are spreading awareness of the benefits of preventive care. He's partnering with Cigna alongside Patrick Dempsey, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kate Walsh to show why such care is so crucial for patients of all ages. Then, we take a look back at some of the actor's funniest tweets in our Twitter Time Capsule segment. We also put him to the test to see if this fake doctor knows the names of some very complicated real medical terms. It's fair to say he should stick to his day job before putting on any real-life scrubs. Finally, we get Faison's take on whether a "Scrubs" reunion or reboot may ever be in the cards. With plenty of previously-cancelled shows headed to streaming services, Faison says the entire cast would need to be on board before making it a reality. Finally, the "Clueless" star reveals whether the 90''s cult classic will follow in "Mean Girls'" footsteps in heading to Broadway. While he's not sure he'd be right for the part, he does give us a taste of what one song could sound like.

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