The future of viewing is here, and it’s being projected into your living room.

“We've seen a lot of the projector market is increasing,” said Stephen Coppola, Samsung senior director of product marketing for lifestyle screens. “We've got our ultra short throw devices named The Premiere. That's giving people the ability to bring that cinematic experience into their home without having to invest in redoing their entire room, rewiring the ceilings. You can actually set it out on your own furniture.”

Samsung’s The Premiere line lets people put a VCR-sized rectangular device on the ground, close the wall, and project high-quality images. Viewing surface can reach up to 150 inches in up to 8K quality. If your streaming service doesn’t provide that high-quality content, the machine automatically upscales the TV show or movie so you don’t lose that picture quality.

But, If you’re looking for something a bit more portable, the Freestyle packs a lot of bang in a small-sized package. The device, which looks like a tiny table lamp, can project a screen up to 100 inches. You can also put two together to get a larger-than-life viewing experience.

“If you're not ready to put screens — stationary or on the wall or in the furniture in every room or outside — you can have the Freestyle go from 30 to 100 inches,” he said. “You can project it on the ceiling to project it on the walls, wherever you want.”

All the projectors come with access to Samsung Gaming Hub, its streaming services or gamers, as well as Samsung TV Plus, its free, ad-supported platform for TV shows and movies.

To move your online content to a screen at home, The Frame allows you to display painting-like quality images on your screen when it's not in use. The Sero rotates easily with a rotatable mount, and allows you to easily flip from horizontal to vertical in order to play videos from TikTok, Instagram and more.

“If you're enjoying short-form content, or you're creating your own content, you want to see it on the big screen, you could rotate that horizontal screen vertically and have a look at it on the big screen,” Coppola said. “We're prepared, really, for anything that the future holds.”

But if you want to move past your visual sense, check out AromaJoin. The device allows you to bring scents into your viewing experience, making smell-o-vision a real thing. You can buy about 100 pods, which it combines for different olfactory experiences.

“It's like a soundtrack on a track on the (editing) timeline,” said Nicolas Quelin, AromaJoin marketing and strategy manager. “You put the size you want and signal, and it’s sent to the device.”

So far, entertainment companies, perfume and cosmetic brands, and food brands have worked with the company, which is coming up with a wearable version that will allow people to use it with other devices besides TVs, like VR headsets.

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