WeWork's Creator Awards Aim to Inspire Entrepreneurs

November 17, 2017

Thursday night, WeWork announced the winners of its first-ever Creator Awards in New York City. The event is part of WeWork's global initiative to award more than $20 million to entrepreneurs. Twenty-one winners in three categories were awarded a combined $1.86 million in funding.

Cheddar anchors Brad Smith and Hope King spoke with winner Karen Young, who founded Oui Shave, and WeWork's director of digital community, Victoria Taylor.

Young won the Scale Award and $180,000 in funding. This tier is for businesses with proven success that are ready for the next level. Young says this funding will help her meet the demand for her products. The Oui Shave razor currently has a waitlist of more than 800 woman, says Young.

Taylor says this program is about celebrating and empowering people with original ideas. Before coming to New York City, the Creator Awards were launched in Washington, D.C., Detroit, Austin, London, Berlin, and Tel Aviv. WeWork is a partner of Cheddar.


MALE_1: You won last night. [LAUGHTER] Walk us through that, uh, you know, how will the $180,000 in funding you earned from WeWork impact your start up?

Karen Young: Yeah, um, so, one of the major things that we'll actually use the funding for is we are in a unique position, um, a coveted position, but a unique one in that we actually have more demand for our products than we can fulfill. Um, so the the razor that we brought with us for a sample today has a waiting list of over 800 women. Um, and so that award will help us immediately get to work in, um, fulfilling that that inventory and fulfilling that demand.

FEMALE_1: And Victoria, how does this all fit into WeWorks over all business and strategy?

Victoria Taylor: Absolutely. So, this is actually our first year doing the Creator Awards. We started in March with Washington D.C. Went from D.C. to Detroit to Austin. Austin to London, London to Berlin, Tel Aviv, and finally New York. So we brought it right back here where WeWork started, and I think what it's all about is about celebrating and empowering people with really original ideas that don't necessarily fit in any one category. So, whether you're someone with a nonprofit that's maybe bridging boundaries, um, whether you're an entrepreneur or an inventor with a really interesting and new idea, it can be really challenging sometimes to be out there doing this day after day. And so, the Creator Award is about acknowledging those are making a difference in looking and doing something in a new way.