Getting College Students Fed For Free

November 14, 2017
Updated 4mo ago

There's a big problem on college campuses that is going largely unnoticed. Many students are battling with food insecurity and are finding themselves struggling to afford nutritional meals. Rachel Sumekh, founder and CEO of Swipe Out Hunger, stopped by to share how her organization is trying to fix the problem.

Swipe Out Hunger allows college students to donate their extra meal kit points to their peers. The non-profit is already on 35 campuses and has provided 1.4 million meals. Sumekh explains why it's important the same kids that received free meals at school before college are not forgotten about once they pursue higher education.

Sumekh points out that hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted by students who don't use their meal plans. To make sure these are better utilized, she explains how relationships with food companies like Sodexo are getting involved with the program to save those dollars.