The Cryptocurrency Backed by VC Giant Andreessen Horowitz

February 23, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

Stability is what the cryptocurrency world needs right now, says Rune Christensen, founder of MakerDAO.

That’s why his company’s Dai token has attracted major backers like venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

“A stable cryptocurrency really is one of those really fundamental building blocks that every other application needs in order to function,” says Christensen.

The Dai, which launched in December 2017 and is the first decentralized cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, gets rid of volatility by pegging itself to the U.S. dollar. That means one Dai is always worth $1. It is also backed by centralized assets.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Dai isn’t for speculative investments. Holders can easily convert it into fiat currency and send it to each other.

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