Michigan Congresswoman: Republicans Don't Care Who They Hurt For a Win

November 17, 2017

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell is a Democrat representing Michigan's 12th district. Cheddar's J.D. Durkin spoke with her in Capitol Hill. She told Cheddar that she believes Republicans are just looking for a legislative win, and don't care if the Republican Tax Bill negatively impacts Americans.

Rep. Dingell's state of Michigan is also at the forefront of vehicle development. Dingell and her colleagues introduced a unanimous legislation for companies releasing self- driving cars to have a space and push the automobile industry forward. Overall, Rep. Dingell says driverless cars will make roads safer.

The Congresswoman also introduced legislation to safeguard elections. She believes every American has the right to know their vote counts.


FEMALE_1: That Republicans are desperate for a win and they don't care who they hurt along the way. And I- I'm very careful to make statements like that. But we gotta- this is real people. This is real people's lives. They are gonna be hurt by this bill. So therefore, I'm very concerned about it. And they're in markup on the Senate side and they're also going to hurt health care again. They don't give up on trying to hurt working men and women on their health care.

MALE_1: All right. I appreciate you talking to us through some of the nuances of tax reform. That was sh- shift gears a bit, talk about your home state of Michigan. To me, it seems like Michigan is synonymous with the history of the development of the automobile to one of your earlier points there. I know something you're very proud of is this self-drive act from earlier this year. What could you tell our viewers about who may be otherwise unfamiliar? What does it mean for the future of autonomous driving?

FEMALE_1: Well, here's a reality. We're gonna be- autonomous vehicles are coming. They're going to either be built here in the United States where we need to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology, or they gonna be developed and built in China or India or Western Europe. And I want to make sure in this country, we stay at the forefront of innovation and technology. When we put them on the road, it is gonna increase the safety of vehicles by 92%. So, the vehicle that we- the bill that we passed in the House and I'm really proud of this. We passed it unanimously through Committee and unanimously through the House Floor. One of the f- only bills that has happened that d- like that because we're protecting the consumer at all times. Imagine some people are afraid of self-driving cars. What does that mean? We've got to understand what the implications are for labor, and with the different skill sets are that we've got. So, we, we're ensuring that there are jobs. But we've got to make sure the consumer's safe at all times. We've got to figure out how we d- develop a framework for safety regulations that keeps up with the speed of which technology is changing. We're recording every manufacturer is gonna do. Autonomous vehicles to submit both a cyber security plan. So, how they're going to be safe with cyber security. And a data plan. A privacy plan to the NITSA to DOT. As even in this experimental month, this is the bill that's gonna get test.