How Kidbox is Redefining the Retail Experience for Kids

November 15, 2017
Updated 4mo ago

Children's clothing is known for having a short shelf life. But Kidbox, a sort of "Stitch Fix for Kids", says it's got a solution.

CEO Miki Berardelli says her company allows parents to purchase up to 5 boxes a year, curating each delivery for the appropriate season or occasion.

Berardelli says that not only does the company cater to the specific needs of kids, but buying a Kidbox also serves as a good cause. The company donates outfits for children in need with every purchase made.

Berardelli, who's also the chief marketing officer at the National Retail Federation and was previously the CMO of Tory Burch, discussed the state of retail and the consumer's transition from in-person to online shopping.

While she believes brick-and-mortar retail stores will always be important, stores need to focus on making shopping more experiential in order to lure in customers.

Kidbox provides that new experience, Berardelli says. The company uses "every front door of every household as the new face of retail."