Jim Gaffigan on Working With Female Directors

March 13, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

Hollywood has been an industry long dominated by men, but actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan told Cheddar that he’s found himself in a much different environment lately.

“I would say of the last five films I’ve done, with the exception of one, female directors,” he said. “I work well with women.”

His latest movie, "You Can Choose Your Family," is a comedy about a father who ends up having an unknown second family. The movie was not only directed by a woman, Miranda Bailey, who was nominated for a Gamechanger Award at SXSW this year, but the entire crew was 38 percent women.

“That was an accident,” Bailey told Cheddar. “We hired the best people, and a lot of them were women. I wish there were more.”

"You Can Choose Your Family” premiered at South by Southwest in Austin, Tex., over the weekend.

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