In a Digital World Physical Greeting Cards Are Still Big Business

December 6, 2017
Updated 4mo ago

Millennials may be the digital generation, but they still celebrate holidays and milestones on paper. Greeting cards company Hallmark’s CMO Lindsey Roy tells Cheddar the company is selling 18 million greeting cards per day. In fact, the company stopped tracking e-card sales because the numbers were so low compared to sales of physical cards.

“We still see over 6.5 billion cards being sent a year,” she says. “E-card sending we don’t even track anymore because it was less than a percent, even at its height.”

Despite low e-card sales, Roy says that Hallmark appreciates social media. The executive maintains that a strong social media presence only means their customers have more friends, and it also doubles as a strong marketing medium.

“They maybe have more people in their circle, more people they’re keeping up with,” she said. “When they really have something important to say, something that’s a piece of their heart, a greeting card is a great tool in their toolbox.”

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