How Cleo Restaurant's CEO Plans to Disrupt the Industry

December 6, 2017
Updated 4mo ago

Disruptive’s newly-appointed CEO, Daniel Del Olmo, says Cleo restaurants are able to grow and expand rapidly because the company offers diners a celebratory environment. Features include shareable plates, communal dining experiences, and ethnic culinary fusions.

“This has been a brand that, over the last couple years, has grown and grown, and has won a ton of awards,” Del Olmo said. “It’s all about a celebration, and it’s something that I think people need nowadays.”

Disruptive has 60 venues from three different brands in the pipeline by 2021, these include 25 Umamis, 16 Katsuyas and 11 Cleos. The international company will not only be strengthening its presence in the U.S., but the CEO says that it also plans to continue growing overseas, in the Middle East and Latin America. The company will soon open a Cleo in Kuwait.

“The Middle East for us is a big growth market,” Del Olmo said. “You’ll see us in the Middle East, you’ll see us in Latin America, and you’ll see us popping up around Asia.”