How Beer Pong Golfing Went From an Idea to a Kickstarter

November 13, 2017
Updated 4mo ago

Beer Pong Golf is the viral drinking game going viral on social media. Co-Creator Cade Cassidy stops by to tell us why his idea is catching on with millions of people. The seventeen-year-old founder tells us how he thought of the idea considering he's not even old enough to drink. Cassidy says the game isn't just for beer, and that you can fill the cups with anything you want.

Cassidy raised over $138,000 on Kickstarter. He tells us why the crowdfunding platform made sense for his product. As the product's promotional video went viral, more people came to the Kickstarter page to help fund Cassidy's project. At the end of the day, Cassidy says his success comes down to the fact that "everyone loves drinking and everyone loves golf."

Finally, we put this "beer-trepreneur" to the test to see if he can tell the difference between real and fake drinking games. From "fidget spinner pong" to "robotic beer pong" we try our best to stump the expert. Not surprisingly, he gets almost all the answers right. We'll drink to that.