How an Elite Group of eSport Ballers Got to Play in NBA 2K

April 25, 2018
Updated 5mo ago

By Mike Teich

Top video game players finally have a path to becoming pro-gamers and a shot at $1 million in prizes, said Brendan Donohue, the managing director of the NBA 2K League.

The league is a video game competition organized by the makers of the NBA 2K game and the National Basketball Association. As esports have risen in popularity, competitions like this one give gamers a chance to cash in on their talents. First-round picks in the inaugural draft can earn $35,000 for six months of play.

The pay may not stack up against actual NBA salaries, but NBA 2K League players are excited about their earnings and the progress esports have made over the past 14 months, said Donohue.

More than half of the pro hoops teams are participating in the first season of the NBA 2K League as partners. The teams built their e-rosters through a draft on April 4. A total of 72,000 video game players qualified for the league, with 102 making the final cut.

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