Facebook Focuses on Mobile Videos in 2018

December 1, 2017
Updated 4mo ago

Facebook is zeroing in on three major internet trends for 2018: video, mobile, and messaging.

Advertising and tech industry veteran David Fischer, Vice President of Business & Marketing Partnerships at Facebook, says that while video in general is a growing sector, the social media giant is keeping an eye on video opportunities in the mobile space.

“We’ve seen an explosion in terms of video, both in the people consuming video, people creating video, and then, of course, businesses and brands doing the same,” he said. “I think what we’re seeing, more and more, is not just video, but mobile first video.”

Fischer told Cheddar that for the incoming year, Facebook wants to create a greater advertising opportunity for advertisers on Facebook Watch and Instagram Stories. The company is also focused on expanding its instant messaging platform, WhatsApp.

Last month, Facebook’s Head of Messenger, David Marcus, told Cheddar that the company wants to strengthen relationships between companies and consumers in the Facebook messaging app, and will monetize this by integrating advertisements into the platform.

“The next stage is to start to create experiences where people and businesses connect,” Fischer says. “Once those things happen, and you get that flywheel going, then the monetization opportunity follows.”

In November, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel wrote an op-ed in which he took shots at Facebook for fueling fake news. Spiegel then said that his app will now be separating users’ personal feeds and advertisements. His comments came right after the company announced a weak series of earnings, and that it was overhauling its app to make it more user-friendly.. In response, Fischer says that, for now, Facebook is only focused on creating great user experiences. Fischer maintains, however, that integrated advertising has been a proven method for Facebook and Instagram, so the company has no qualms about adopting the strategy for the Messenger app.

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