Alibaba's CMO Explains its "Power of Small" Olympic Campaign

February 23, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

Alibaba launched its first global ad campaign for the Olympics, and the company’s chief marketing officer says it’s a direct reflection of one of its core value.

“The concept of the ‘greatness of small’ is really authentic to who we are as a company,” CMO Chris Tung told Cheddar. “I think that all of the employees at Alibaba live and breathe the spirit of supporting small businesses and young people around the world.

“This is what we believe in. This is what we do with our technology.”

Alibaba’s campaign features the likes of Kenya’s ice hockey team and has reportedly garnered about 14 million digital views worldwide.

The company inked an 11-year partnership with the IOC to be the sole e-commerce and cloud computing partner for both the Summer and Winter Games.

Tung says that Alibaba is very excited that it has “this chance to introduce who it is to the world.”

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