Lindsay Funston, Deputy Editor at Delish, joins Cheddar to discuss its video series "WTFood." Lindsay travels the country to find some of the most bizarre foods, such as ranch dressing soda, bacon lollipops, and Fireball bagels. Funston says people are obsessed with ranch dressing and pickles! WTFood did a video on how Brooklyn Brine creates its whiskey sour pickles, which brought in 100,000 orders for the company! Delish videos usually garner 500 million video views per month. Plus, what's next for the WTFood series? Funston says Americans are a bunch of boozehounds, so she'll be scouring the country for booze-related bizarre foods. With Facebook being the best platform for food-related content, Funston hopes to continue the trend of wacky, crazy foods.

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