*By Christian Smith* Performix House, the elite gym that first made headlines for its pricey membership fees, doesn't want to be the next Equinox, according to its founder and CEO. "I didn't open this to be in the gym business ー not that the gym business isn't a good business to be in," Matt Hesse said Tuesday in an interview with Cheddar. "It's just not our core competency." Equinox isn't exactly known as a budget gym, with an initial price tag of $190-$205 a month. Performix goes well beyond that, with the top membership tier costing $900 per month. For that price, members at Performix's Union Square location in New York City have access to unlimited fitness classes, cryotherapy, infrared sauna sessions, monthly massage and physical therapy sessions, and a roster of celebrity trainers; Hesse said he doesn't have any plans to open a second branch. But members are required to do more than pay for entry to Performix. The gym has an elaborate [application process](https://www.forbes.com/sites/veenamccoole/2018/08/28/at-900-a-month-invite-only-performix-house-is-new-yorks-most-exclusive-gym/#a9b47d27aca2) with a 13 percent acceptance rate. Eventually, Hesse plans to use Performix House as a content generator for a streaming service his company plans to launch in January. The majority of content will be free ー all with an objective to promote other Performix-branded products. On its site, the company sells items for weight and diet management, workout performance, and general health and wellness. The company also has a subscription service, which delivers its health and wellness products to users every 30, 60, or 90 days. "Performix uses this House as a marketing vehicle," Hesse said of his strategy. "Generally speaking, we want to provide these products as sort of complements to the customers that are already supporting our brand," he added. Performix House also offers two less expensive membership options ー $400 and $240 per month, which both come with smaller amenities packages and do not include unlimited access. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/inside-the-elite-new-nyc-gym-with-an-eye-popping-price-tag).

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