Cheddar's CannaBiz explores the business of marijuana. Cheddar Anchors Tim Stenovec and Hope King explore the state of regulation, market opportunity, and businesses capitalizing on this trend. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently proposed government funding for a study to explore the impact of legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. State Senator Gustavo Rivera (D-NY) and High NY Founder and CEO Michael Zaystev discuss the state of regulation in New York. "I am thankful that the governor put it in the budget. I am hoping it gets to the final version of the budget, and I am hoping we can actually make this happen in the state of New York sooner than later," said Rivera. "I think he's also feeling some pressure from New Jersey's recent election," said Zaystev. Earlier this month newly elected New Jersey Governor expanded access to medicinal marijuana in the state through an executive order. CB1 Capital Management predicts Cannabis could disrupt the healthcare industry in a big way. The firm's Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer Todd Harrison explains why he thinks medical marijuana will migrate from state dispensaries, to become medicine prescribed by doctors through insurance in the next decade. Harrison says the only way the U.S. government would get their hands on the money in this market opportunity is through the FDA. "That's where we think it goes, follow the money," says Harrison. Beboe launched early last year and is described as the “Hermes of marijuana." Co-founder Clement Kwan sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to talk about how the brand is changing the stereotypes associated with cannabis. Kwan discusses the importance of packaging when making a luxury brand like Beboe. He says the marketing of the products opens up a whole new demographic to cannabis products. The co-founder also discusses the new demand in sales since cannabis has been legalized in California and what the brand is doing to keep up with those demands. Cheddar's CannaBiz series airs every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. on Closing Bell.

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