People show off their support for causes in a number of ways. Some post Facebook statuses, others attend events, and there might be a few people in your office who canvas the front of their laptop with stickers. Now, if you're a fan of buttons, you can invest in a digital upgrade that allows you to personalize your button each and every day. Andrew Zenoff is the CEO and founder of Beam Authentic, a digital button company. Zenoff joins Cheddar to show off the new tech. Zenoff is not fearful of others in the wearable tech space because he bills his product as inherently different from Fitbit and even Apple watch. The Beam Authentic button is completely digital. You can change the display as much as you want. Users can decide to wear pre-created images or design their own. Businesses can also take advantage of the button and do Beam Authentic button campaigns were consumers at an event can all sport the same design.

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