The Players' Tribune is giving a platform to athletes, so they could tell their stories, and give fans a look into their personal lives. With over 2,000 pro athletes already contributing, the sports media company is catching on quickly. Peter Gorenstein sat down with Jaymee Messler, co-founder and president at The Players' Tribune at the WPP Stream event to discuss the company's plans to disrupt the sports media landscape. The Players' Tribune is giving athletes the chance to connect with their audience beyond the box score. One of the media platform's high-profile documentaries dives into the life of NBA star Isaiah Thomas and highlights the ups and downs of his wild year in the league. The "Book of Isaiah" shares how he dealt with tragedy and how he felt being blindsided by a trade. The Players' Tribune is also trying to reimagine the traditional sports press conference. It will be debuting a new 30 minute Twitter show with live athletes holding a Q&A. On top of the new show, Messler also says that having Derek Jeter as a co-founder and board member has helped the company grow.

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