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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Wednesday, October 13, 2021:


A record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August, according to new Labor Dept. data. About 4 million people have been quitting every month since the spring, in a trend that’s being called the “Great Resignation.” Nearly a quarter of those who resigned in August worked in the hospitality industry, but it’s not just restaurant and hotel workers putting in their notice. A recent Harris poll found that a full 50% of working Americans are looking to make career changes because of the pandemic, with the majority saying they’re in search of more flexible jobs. AP


The White House is expected to announce today that it will reopen the land borders with Mexico and Canada next month, allowing nonessential travel between the U.S. and its neighbors for the first time in 19 months -- but only for fully vaccinated travelers. The easing of the land border restrictions will coincide with the reopening of international air travel, meaning the country will more or less be fully open for business come November. AP


The coroner in the Gabby Petito case announced that Petito died by strangulation and was left “outside in the wilderness” for three to four weeks before her body was discovered on Sept. 19. Authorities also confirmed that they lifted DNA samples from her body, which could be pertinent in the ongoing search for her killer. USA TODAY


People 60 and over should no longer take daily low-dose aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, according to a government-backed panel of experts. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has revised its past recommendation, now saying that whatever benefit aspirin serves in preventing a cardiovascular event in otherwise heart-healthy older people is outweighed by the risk of internal bleeding, which increases with age. Tens of millions of people take baby aspirin to prevent heart disease, which remains the leading cause of death in America. NPR


The International Monetary Fund is growing less optimistic about the global economy’s ability to grow in the short term, due to supply chain disruptions, inflation and the persistent threat of Covid. The central bank also warned about the possibility of sudden and steep declines in stocks and home prices as the Fed prepares to start unwinding the support it’s been giving to financial markets since the start of the pandemic. BLOOMBERG


The FDA has approved the sale of a vaping product for the first time. The authorization applies only to the Vuse Solo brand e-cig and its tobacco-flavored nicotine cartridges, made by tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds. The agency said that the benefits in helping cigarette smokers quit outweighed the risks of hooking kids. USA TODAY


Houston and Atlanta have both advanced to the next round of the MLB playoffs. The Astros steamrolled the White Sox to punch their ticket to a rematch of the 2018 ALCS against the Red Sox. In the National League, the Braves topped the Brewers to advance to the NLCS, where they will meet either the Dodgers or the Giants. Those rivals play a do-or-die Game 5 tomorrow. ESPN


Captain Kirk will go into space for real this morning, weather permitting. A Blue Origin New Shepard rocket is scheduled to lift off from Texas around 10 a.m. ET, carrying 90-year-old William Shatner and three other crew members for an 11-minute up-and-down trip to suborbital space. This will be Blue Origin’s second human spaceflight, coming three months after it successfully carried founder Jeff Bezos on its inaugural mission: WATCH LIVE


...Queen Elizabeth, seen in public with a cane for the first time in 18 years: SEE PIC

…$5 gas in NYC: SEE IT


A 72-year-old Bosnian man has built his wife a house that rotates 360 degrees -- all so she could have the views she wanted. Vojin Kusic designed and built the home from scratch despite not having any formal architectural or construction training. He built it on an electric platform that spins it around in a full circle, in as fast as 22 seconds or as slow as 24 hours. Kusic’s wife, Ljubica, complained that she wanted a more diversified view out the window, so he came up with a way to give it to her: SEE IT

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