Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Tuesday, August, 24, 2021:


PFIZER APPROVED: The FDA officially approved Pfizer’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccine for people 16 and older, making it the first vaccine to move beyond emergency-use status in the U.S. The decision has already set off a number of vaccine mandates both at the federal level and within hospitals, colleges and corporations, including companies like United Airlines. NY TIMES

VAX FOR MILITARY: One of those mandates was announced by the Pentagon. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that the country’s 1.3 million active-duty service members would be required to get the shot no later than the middle of September. NY TIMES

NYC MANDATES: New York City announced that all public school teachers and staffers will have to be vaccinated in order to teach or work once class begins next month. Over 148,000 employees will have to get their first dose by September 27 -- the first vaccine mandate for a broad group of workers in America’s most populous city. AP


President Biden is expected to announce as soon as today whether he’ll extend the August 31 deadline to airlift Americans and allies out of Afghanistan, but the Taliban says there will be consequences if the U.S. stays past that deadline. It’s unclear how many Americans are still left in the country. Biden’s expected to announce his decision during an emergency virtual G7 meeting today. REUTERS


The D.C. Capitol Police said Monday they had cleared of wrongdoing the officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt during the Jan. 6 insurrection. The department said an internal investigation found the officer’s conduct to be “lawful” and “within Department policy,” and that the officer would not face disciplinary consequences. The department allows officers to use deadly force “only when the officer reasonably believes the action is in defense of human life.” The officer is still unidentified due to numerous threats. POLITICO


New York Governor Kathy Hochul was sworn in just after midnight this morning, becoming the state’s first woman governor. Today she will take the oath again publicly at 10 a.m. before addressing New Yorkers at 3:30 p.m. Yesterday she announced her picks for two key positions in her new administration: Karen Keough will be secretary to the governor, and Elizabeth Fine will be counsel to the governor. Former Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a final taped address that the state attorney general’s sexual harassment investigation which prompted his resignation was a “political firecracker” and that people jumped to conclusions.  ALBANY TIMES UNION


General Motors has announced it will be recalling every Chevy Bolt made to date, including new electric utility models, over concerns related to a manufacturing defect in the cars’ LG batteries -- and the risk they’ll catch fire. GM says it’s seeking reimbursement from LG.  ARS TECHNICA


President Biden plans to host a meeting this week with tech giants to discuss how companies are improving cybersecurity efforts after recent breaches and ransomware attacks. Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Andy Jassy, and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella will all be in attendance, and execs from Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase and the energy firm Southern Company have been invited. THE VERGE


Sony Pictures Television has announced that actress Mayim Bialik will fill in as the host of “Jeopardy!” as the network once again looks for a new, permanent host to succeed Alex Trebek. Bialik is now scheduled to tape three weeks of episodes before more guest hosts are announced at a later date. She had been previously tapped to host primetime “Jeopardy!” specials when Mike Richards had been announced as the new full-time host. Richards stepped down from the role after past demeaning comments surfaced, but he will remain on as the show’s executive producer.  VARIETY


The 16th Summer Paralympic Games begin today in Tokyo, just weeks after the 2020 Olympics wrapped. Athletes will be under the same COVID-19 rules and restrictions, and there will be a limited number of spectators at each event. NBCUniversal has committed to showing 1,200 hours of coverage this year -- compared to only 70 hours from Brazil in 2016 and five and a half from London in 2012. Athletes will also receive more prize money for their medals after previously getting about one fifth of what their Olympic counterparts received. The games will continue through September 5.  NY TIMES


… Beyoncé and Jay-Z starring in the newest ad-campaign for Tiffany & Co. The Carters appeared in an ad for the “ABOUT LOVE” campaign, making history in two ways: Beyoncé is only the fourth woman ever and the first Black woman to wear the iconic 128-carat Tiffany Diamond, and the couple poses in front of a never-before-seen Tiffany blue-hued Jean-Michel Basquiat painting.  SEE IT

… Texan Matthew McConaughey tweeting well wishes at Governor Greg Abbott who now says he’s tested negative for COVID-19. True to form, the actor’s message read, “mask, vax and just keep livin.” SEE IT

… Kanye West is allegedly rebuilding his childhood home inside Soldier Field in Chicago ahead of his third “Donda” album listening party. SEE IT


A nutritional study released Monday about how to achieve healthier and more environmentally stable diets contained quite the shocker: apparently eating one beef hot dog on a bun can take approximately 36 minutes off the end of your life. Researchers say that’s because of the “detrimental effects of processed meat.” The study found that foods like fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and cooked grains are associated with minutes added to one’s life.  NY POST

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