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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Monday, April 4, 2022:


Ukraine says its forces have regained control of the Kyiv region, but as Russian troops move out they're leaving behind horrifying reports of civilian executions and sexual attacks. World leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, are doubling down on their calls for an investigation into war crimes. Meanwhile, Russian attacks are still ongoing in other parts of the country, with missiles destroying an oil refinery in the southern port of Odesa that supported the Ukrainian military. NY TIMES


Six people were killed and at least a dozen were injured when gunfire erupted on a busy street in Sacramento as nightclubs let out in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Police are searching for multiple shooters and a stolen handgun was found at the scene. Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester, who has only been on the job for two weeks, urged residents to come forward with any information. In Dallas, one person was killed and eleven were injured when at least one gunman opened fire during a concert. SACRAMENTO BEE


Last night's Grammys were full of music, fashion and, thankfully, devoid of any memorable hitting.  Jon Batiste went home with five awards including Album of the Year, Silk Sonic - feature the duo Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak - won for Record and Song of the Year, and Olivia Rodrigo was named Best New Artist. While the performances were great, the most noteworthy  appearance perhaps came from Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy whose prerecorded speech was set to John Legend's "Free." THE WINNERS


The Gamecocks are the women's champs once again. The South Carolina women’s basketball team, led by Destanni Henderson, took home the national championship with a 64-49 victory over the perennial powerhouse UCONN. On the men’s side, Kansas and North Carolina will battle for the championship in tonight's finals. Number one-seeded Kansas is coming off a decisive victory over Villanova, while North Carolina is fresh off an emotional upset over archrival Duke. Tip-off for the men’s championship is set for 9:20 p.m. ET. CBS SPORTS


The House of Representatives has passed a bill to federally decriminalize marijuana. Similar bills have been passed before, and it’s unlikely to make it through the Senate, but it’s an important step for supporters in their fight against social and economic issues that current marijuana laws still pose for Americans. Here are the two big things you Need2Know about this bill: it would generate revenue with a 5-8% tax on cannabis products, as well as expunge convictions on non-violent marijuana charges. THE HILL


Could there be a new voice heading to the White House Briefing Room? Reports abound that current Press Secretary Jen Psaki is ready to turn in her ID and join MSNBC as on-air contributor. Psaki has been sharing information and biting back on behalf of Biden since he became president. So far the reports haven't been confirmed, but we're guessing it might come up as journalists ask questions during her near-daily press briefings. AXIOS


Speaking of unions: Alaska Airlines was forced to cancel about 300 flights, affecting 35,000 passengers, due to staffing shortages and ongoing contract negotiations with its pilots. On Friday, the pilots' union organized picket lines outside Alaska Airlines terminals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Anchorage, and at the airlines’ headquarters in Seattle. The contract battle has been dragging on since before the pandemic, with pilots demanding more flexible schedules, better job security, and higher wages. Though Alaska Airlines claimed pilot shortages caused the wave of cancellations, the union says all of its pilots who were protesting were off-duty. SEATTLE TIMES

These passengers were literally and figuratively left out in the cold.


Amazon workers at a warehouse in Staten Island voted to unionize on Friday. It was far from a landslide for the pro-union side, as the final count was 2,654 in favor and 2,131 against, according to the National Labor Relations Board. Among the demands of union organizers are higher wages, longer breaks, paid sick leave, and paid time off for injuries sustained on the job. Amazon wages at the Staten Island facility start at $18.25 an hour, higher than many of its competitors, though union organizer Christian Smalls says that’s not enough in New York. Amazon issued a statement saying they’re evaluating options, including filing objections, so the fight between the e-commerce giant and the’ grassroots campaign may not be over. CHEDDAR


Particles of lunar dust collected by Neil Armstrong during his Apollo 11 mission are going up for auction, with samples estimated to be worth between $800,000 and $1.2 million. The story behind the bag of lunar dust is a wild one: It starts with Armstrong bringing the bag back to Earth, where NASA then loaned it to a space museum. The bag was auctioned off to Illinois resident Nancy Lee Carlson in 2015 for $995. Carlson sent the bag to NASA for help identifying where it came from, but once NASA realized the bag’s significance, NASA reportedly refused to return it to Carlson. She then sued NASA and won, and the most-wanted bag of dust ever was returned to its rightful owner. Now, Bonhams is selling the lunar dust on Carlson’s behalf. CNN

Anyone looking to buy Earth dust for a million bucks?


Estelle Harris, "Seinfeld" actress and the voice of "Toy Story's" Mrs. Potato Head, has died. She was one of those actresses whose face you just recognize; most people remember her as George Constanza’s mother, whose hilarious on-screen chemistry with George’s father, played by Jerry Stiller, always treated audiences to belly laughs. Harris was known throughout her acting career for her distinctive voice, which also added to the fun in roles for Disney’s "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and "Tarzan II." Harris was also known as the “Queen of Commercials'' after she appeared in 25 ads in a single year. Harris was 93. NPR


@cheddar: Former Major Leaguer Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who now manages the Nippon Ham Fighters, made his home debut by taking flight inside the stadium on a hovercraft. INSTAGRAM

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