Seeking Alpha Author Darren McCammon joins Cheddar to discuss why investing in JCPenny's small bond $KTP may be more beneficial than investing in the company stock. He says that in order for the investment to be successful, JCPenney has to basically just stay afloat. It doesn't have to be doing well. And at this point, that may be a good thing, because the retailer's "reinvention" of itself isn't yielding the best results. McCammon says it's doing well in its electronics and appliances divisions, but lagging in women's clothing...which used to be the crux of the business. Plus, how does it stack up against Sears? McCammon says Sears' debt load is a much bigger problem than JCPenney's. He expects the troubled company to go bankrupt after the holiday season. This will benefit JCPenney, because Sears customers will move their money over.

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