“Did we shake or were we shook?”

On Friday morning, New Yorkers and their fellow plebs in the tri-state area awoke to a historic 4.8 magnitude earthquake.

Originating near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, no damage or injuries have been reported, but that hasn’t stopped those who felt the tremors in NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut to hit the interwebs.

Here’s a roundup of the best tweets from civilians unaccustomed to feeling the earth move under their feet:

1. X users when they first felt the quake

2. But first, mark yourself safe

3. Some were afraid

4. Some were calm

5. Some found a new lease on life

6. Any plans tonight?

7. Putting things in the context of all in which we live

8. Confronting harsh truths

9. New Yorkers just can't help but diss their Hudson River neighbors

10. Finishing with an old favorite

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