The neverending cycle of wellness trends seems to promise quick fixes to all life woes. The contradicting self-care and health tips that social media churns out can get confusing, but I’m on a journey incorporating wellness practices throughout my day. So, how do I get started?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and seeping into our everyday lives, so it seems like wellness is the natural next step. I’m skeptical that a chatbot knows the secret to a happy, healthy life, but I’m determined to give it a go. Though various mental health or wellness generative AI tools have emerged, I’m opting for ChatGPT’s free version due to its accessibility and popularity—about 100 million users turn to ChatGPT each week.

I opened up ChatGPT and prompted it with some basic information about myself and what I was looking for. So what habits and activities does generative AI recommend for a young adult who works a 9-5 remote job?

The chatbot spitted out habits, broken down into time chunks: morning, work hours, evening, and night, along with a daily challenge to add some variety to my day. I’m hoping practicing wellness habitually will give me a mental health boost.

“There is a mind-body connection, so physical health and wellness does assist mental health,” says California-based therapist Suzanne Greene. She says AI can offer up a “wealth of knowledge for health and wellness.”

Join me as I follow ChatGPT’s customized wellness routine for a week:


What ChatGPT says, I do. First up on the morning routine is to drink a whole glass of water. Done! Next is a 10-minute morning mindfulness practice. I’m not usually big on meditation, but I give a Headspace video my best. All that’s left before work is a nutritious breakfast with whole grains, fruits, and protein. That’s not too far from my usual, so I whip up a quick bowl of oatmeal with chocolate fudge protein powder and blueberries for a sweet start to my day.

Throughout the day, I’m instructed to stretch or do light exercise, keep a water bottle at my desk, and eat lunch mindfully (no TikTok this time around).

I take a jog by the water to exercise after work, which ChatGPT says will “boost endorphins and relieve stress.” It also says to cook a healthy dinner, so I oblige instead of eating the same Chinese takeout leftovers I had for lunch, perfect for Monday’s cooking challenge. After a deep dive through my beloved Pinterest, I settle on a black bean and tofu burrito bowl.

Evening blends into night, and I begin a digital detox and wind down routine. Goodbye screens, hello relaxation. I throw on a Spotify playlist for background noise while I journal: My final wellness task is to reflect on three things I’m grateful for. Today, that’s the two adorable cats I adopted last week, the sunshine-y weather, and new music from my favorite band. Goodnight!


Another day of wellness awaits. Today as I meditate, my cats get the Zoomies. Oh well. I keep hydration, nutritious mindful eating, and staying active throughout the day. It’s rainy, so I fit in a Pilates workout from the comfort of my apartment.

Tuesday’s challenge is creative expression, pushing me to let my imagination flow freely. I’ve been bullet journaling, where I decorate habit trackers with delicate hand lettering and a few too many stickers. It’s nice having a stress-free hobby just for myself—I appreciate the push to do a craft I sometimes let fall through the cracks.

I’ve promised to avoid screen time in the evening, but before that, I catch up on the newest Grey’s Anatomy episode. But don’t fret—I give up the blue light to read a murder mystery with a cup of peppermint tea. While my cats start wrestling, again, I list what I’m grateful for and get some sleep.


Placebo effect or not, I do feel a bit more well-rested! Even if two days of healthy habits probably haven’t changed my body or mindset much, I feel like I have my life together a bit more.

Today’s challenge is to connect with nature, so I do a longer nature walk—I’m grateful for a day with no clouds in sight! I’ve enjoyed gratitude journaling, something I’d like to keep up after this week ends.


I think I’m getting sick, and I do not want to work out and I do not want to cook. Morning mindfulness and evening gratitude checks remind me that even if I’m not feeling my greatest, I can approach the day with positivity. Though I did skip a full workout to let my body rest, prioritizing hydration, nutrition, and gentle movement encouraged me to take care of myself.

Despite feeling tired, I complete today’s challenge: Learning hour. Naturally, this means a documentary. I learn lots about true crime before I set screens aside for the night—I need the rest.


The final day! I’m sure my body is grateful for the more-than-usual number of Brita water bottles I’ve downed, my FitBit’s greater step count, and carefully planned meals. Friday calls for a self-care ritual, so I throw on a Dunkin Donuts coffee-scented candle and a purifying clay mask to unwind while my favorite podcast plays in the background. Just as ChatGPT says, this treat is a great way to unwind from my week.

Though these habits aren’t far from my usual life, ChatGPT’s routine instills a sense of consistency that gives me a confidence boost.

Final Thoughts

Committing to healthy habits is refreshing, but it doesn’t feel revolutionary to hydrate in the morning or aim for a good night’s sleep.

Only time can tell what’s next in the world of generative AI: “AI will definitely be part of wellness and offer patients and users resources and analyze what info it is given to match a person with their needs,” Green says, “but it would not be a substitute for mental health care (i.e. therapy) with a psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.”

It’s hard for something so programmed to become personal; an algorithm isn’t going to magically make me my best self, but it was a starting point that pushed me to try something new.

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