The car you drive may indicate type of voting district that you live in. A group of Stanford scientists used Google Street View to show that, if your neighborhood is filled with sedans, you most likely live in a district that votes Democrat. But if your ride’s an extended-cab pickup truck, chances are you live in a Republican district. Steve Lohr from The New York Times tells Cheddar exactly how the scientists figured that out. They analyzed 50 million Google Street View images, and location data that pulled vehicle information, including make and models. “So you train on the subset, still on millions of these pictures, then you get the machine algorithms working on A.I.,” Lohr explains. “Then you link this to voting results in the past, income by neighborhood, and you link these to government and public database.” The study reportedly helps in proving the concept that data can be extracted from visuals. The scientists also say that this method can supplement research conducted by the Census Bureau. For full interview [click here](

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