Tech giant Apple has launched a high-yield savings account with a 4.15  percent annual interest rate. The company said there are no fees, minimum deposits, or minimum balance requirements, and users can set up and manage their savings account directly using "Apple Card." The interest rate is higher than a standard savings account, but some online banks do offer higher rates. Goldman Sachs is partnering with Apple on the offering. .


You've likely heard of the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch," a giant heap of trash in the ocean between California and Hawaii. Now a new study has revealed that the patch has gotten so large that dozens of species are now living on it. Scientists said plastic pollution is creating a new floating ecosystem for organisms that don't normally live in the open ocean. Coastal invertebrate organisms are surviving — and reproducing — on the floating debris.


In what is being called the inaugural "State of the Bats" report comes the news that 52 percent of bat species could be at risk of extinction. The report found climate change, disease and habitat loss are taking their toll. It also found wind turbines alone kill about half a million bats annually.

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