*By Kavitha Shastry* Fans of Fortnite are no strangers to DrLupo. The uber-popular Twitch streamer has made a name for himself as an esports hero, with nearly 2.5 million followers on the platform and another million on YouTube. His streams with Tyler "[Ninja](https://cheddar.com/videos/ninja-on-fortnites-future-in-esports)" Blevins have gained their own following, with the two friends' banter drawing in more than a few fans. "It's nice to have somebody that I think can identify the same way you can with the audience," DrLupo told Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg at the Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas this week. "He's a little more high-energy than I am, which I think people recognize and respect him for it." "I can't get as crazy as he can most of the time. I try." The 31-year-old Omaha native was formerly a systems engineer before he became a full-time gamer last year. He [reportedly](https://www.omaha.com/money/omaha-man-plays-fortnite-full-time-now-makes-times-his/article_d544390a-fa70-5bf6-8dda-ee4fbfd18499.html) now makes 10 times his previous salary. That's a pretty sweet gig, made even sweeter by the fact that a high point of his year was *riding a rocket launched by Ninja* ー a combination of words that aren't typically uttered in a traditional workplace. "It's about embracing the shenanigans that \[Fortnite maker\] Epic has put out there in front of us," DrLupo said. "The rocket-riding was the first step, I think, towards this weird, kind of exciting, unknown arena of stupid things you can do in the game." "There are so many ways to play the game now, and they've seen players embrace that." But it's not always easy. Best known as a Fortnite streamer now, DrLupo has also streamed Diablo and Overwatch League. And his fan base didn't necessarily jump from one game to another with him. "One of the most difficult portions of streaming is trying to transition from one game to another," he said. "People get very accustomed to one thing, one idea, one game, and you grow a community around that. Being a variety streamer on Twitch, or streaming in general anywhere, and being successful ー there are very few things in content creation, probably, that are more difficult." For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/popular-streamer-drlupo-on-working-with-ninja-and-catering-to-his-audience).

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