Digital wardrobe company Finery is trying to revolutionize how women get dressed every day. In an effort to cut down on how much time women spend choosing their outfits, Finery founders Whitney Casey and Brooklyn Decker created an online “operating system” for their closets. And the company just landed $5 million in seed funding. Casey, who serves as CEO, joined us for our special #chedHER coverage to explain her business strategy. “We really targeted the people that we wanted to be in the room with,” Casey told Cheddar. The Finery team did research to find out which venture capitalist firms had previously invested in women before going into the pitch meeting. Casey described the challenges she faced explaining Finery’s concept to men. To solve the gender disconnect in the business world, Casey said there should be more female entrepreneurs. “We’re consumers, women, we’re 80% of the wallet, right? So more products should be built for women, by women,” Casey said. She called on women to be conscious of who’s behind the products they use and the companies they support. For full interview, [click here](

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