Whether it's tour merchandise or other retail items, musicians often seek ways to generate income in addition to the music they make. Gurps Rai, CEO of DroppTV, told Cheddar he's offering them a chance to do both in one place.

Rai started the music video platform, DroppTV, as a way for fans to buy the items they see in their favorite artists' videos. The CEO stated that the business gives fans a chance "to connect" with artists.

Perhaps the best part about the innovation, according to Rai, is that the viewing experience is uninterrupted if a person decides to shop.

"There's no hijacking and going to another link, to another website. So, I see it, want it, get it, purchase it," he said.

Rapper Kid Daytona, who recently partnered with DroppTV, said he plans to release his first shoppable video on the platform.

"The platform itself was something that was very innovative to me, and I thought it was so cool," Daytona told Cheddar.

However, he added that this particular project is bigger than lining his own pockets. Dayton said he is using it to give back.

"We are raffling off two 1-of-1 Coogi pieces," he said, referring to the apparel brand. "All proceeds are going to the Lower East Side Girls Club of New York."

For fans looking to connect with their favorite artists or even new ones, Rai said more than 2,000 musicians have signed, including Ashanti and Kaden Mills.

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