The Happiest Place on Earth has ambitious plans to expand. The Anaheim City Council unanimously voted in favor of DisneylandForward on Tuesday, pushing the 40-year proposal one step ahead. Though it’s still subject to a final vote, it seems likely the fan-favorite vacation destination will become even more magical in coming years.

The initiative adjusts development types and zoning, allowing for the addition of new theme park attractions, hotels, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Disney will commit to spending at least $1.9 billion in the next decade on its development within the existing space in the Anaheim Resort and Disneyland Resort. If approved, Disneyland visitors can look forward to new attractions, such as a potential sprawling Avatar land. Other immersive theme parks are possible, including popular attractions found internationally, such as the enchanting World of Frozen or a vibrant Zootopia park.

DisneylandForward points to Walt Disney, who said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.

The plan also states Disney will fund $85 million worth of community benefits in Anaheim in realms such as affordable housing, city parks, and street and sewer upgrades. The company will also pay $40 million to the city to buy three different public roads, a transfer of responsibility that Anaheim City Council says relieves public costs. The government cites serving Anaheim residents, businesses, and visitors as its rationale for approving the plan.

“Continued growth of The Anaheim Resort helps us serve residents, businesses, and visitors,” the City of Anaheim says. “Anaheim approved DisneylandForward because of what visitors mean to our city.”

Currently, Disneyland visitors comprise more than half of Anaheim’s revenue, in turn bringing in funds to maintain city functions. An expansion could also mean thousands of jobs in Anaheim, along with Disney’s promise to promote workforce development and jobs programs.

But some locals, who spoke at the eight-hour public meeting, are worried about disturbances from construction, increased traffic, and hikes in living costs were Disneyland Forward to get the full green light.

Anaheim’s second vote is scheduled for May 7, which will determine if the development can proceed.

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