*By Tracey Cheek* The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has been answering the questions of stressed-out Thanksgiving hosts for decades, but this year it is turning to Amazon Alexa to modernize how it helps with turkey prep. The Turkey Talk-Line typically receives around 10,000 calls each Thanksgiving. Last year, it got almost 3,000 texts as well. For 2018, Butterball partnered with Amazon so people could easily get in touch with turkey experts simply by asking their Alexa-enabed device questions like: "Alexa, ask Butterball how long I should cook my turkey?" "It's a voice-over by actual Turkey Talk-Line experts, so you get that human connection," Kyle Lock, Senior Director of Retail and Marketing at Butterball, told Cheddar. "This isn't just Amazon answering your questions, it's Butterball using your Amazon device." How-to videos created by Turkey Talk-Line experts are also available through Amazon Alexa products. Some of the most common questions that the turkey experts receive range from "What do I buy?" to "How do I thaw a turkey?" But this year, one question took the internet by storm. Millennials and college students have been participating in the viral #TurkeyChallenge by texting their parents, "How long would it take to microwave a 25-pound turkey?" Responses typically range from disgust to confusion, but Butterball gave Cheddar some advice for anyone actually considering the unconventional technique. "Don't panic," Lock said. "If the only way you have to cook a turkey is your microwave, it can be done, and the folks at 1-800-Butterball can help you get there." For full interview click [here](https://cheddar.com/videos/butterball-turns-to-tech-to-help-you-cook-a-turkey).

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